Healing through conscious touch

Mystic Tao Tantra Massage

Mystic Taoistlik tantra massaaž

(Palun varu endale vähemalt 2h 30min aega. Me vestleme seansi eel ja pärast seanssi u 15-30min. Soovi korral saad kasutada pesemise võimalusi).


Mystic Taoistlik tantra massaaž

Taoistlik Tantra massaaž toetub taoismi filosoofiale mille keskmeks on, looduskeskkonna kaudu integreerudes, harmoonia loomine keha, meele ja vaimu tasandil.
There are many ways to define the Tao, to explain it. Mainly, through which the Tao is characterized is "path" or "progress".
The Tao does nothing, but also leaves nothing undone (The Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese book of wisdom).
In this, a piece of wisdom from Taoism, is an invitation to stop (stop "doing") and allow yourself to simply experience, allowing the Tao to simply flow (and trusting that nothing is left undone). Through conscious experience, the answers that we are mindlessly searching for while rushing around reach us.
Taoismi sümboliks on kuulus Yin ja Yang, mis tähistab kõige olemasoleva tasakaalu ning näitab, et kõiges on kõik. Taoismi sümbol kajastub ka taoistlikus massaažis, näidates loodusliku energia tasakaalu olulisust.
Mis on Taoistlik Tantra massaaž?
Based on Taoist philosophy, it focuses on spiritual growth in addition to physical relaxation. The purpose of Taoist massage is to bring the soul, mind and spirit into harmony with each other, as a result of which the blocked energies get a chance to move, creating a feeling of lightness on the physical level. Massage helps to improve and increase the flow of energy through the body, which is expressed in joy of life and increased vitality.
Taoistliku Tantra massaaži teeb unikaalseks tantristlik lähenemine kehale, mis kaasab kõik ning ei välista midagi. Massaaž oma olemuselt on intiimne kogemus, mis kaasab seanssi genitaalide puudutamise ning teadliku hingamise, mis toimib kui kütus energiate liikumisel.
Experience of massage is based on permission to touch your body, without judging the touch and explicitly express your limits, to avoid creating an unpleasant (traumatic) experience.
In addition to intimately conscious touch and pleasure, Tao Tantra massage gives us information about blockages, fears and hidden beliefs and behavioral patterns. Healing can only happen if we are aware of our "shadows" and embrace them.
Taoitliku Tantra massaažist saadav kasu
Neile, kes on kogenud seksuaalset kuritarvitamist, väärkohtlemist ja/või neile kelle tundelisus on muutunud pea olematuks, aitab Tao Tantra massaaž luua koha, kus on taas turvaline ühenduda iseendaga nii, et see tundub loomulik, vastuvõetav ja naudinguline. Seda kõike aitab luua meie kehas vallanduvad hormoonid,  mis vastutavad turvatunde ja armastuse sidemete loomisega.
By including the touch of the genitals in the massage, it creates a lot of endorphins in the body, which are also known as the "hormone of happiness" and a natural pain reliever. Endorphins play an important role in keeping our bodies physically strong, healthy and vibrant.
For those who want to experience Tao Tantra massage as companions, partners, lovers, it creates a lot of depth, connectivity, vulnerability, understanding, acceptance between two souls and the opportunity to experience an enjoyable journey together.
Taoistlik Tantra massaaž sobib neile, kes soovivad kasvada ja terveneda läbi isikliku kogemuse. Sobib neile, kes ei vali end piirata ühiskonnas domineerivatest tabudest ega kultuurilistest uskumustest.
Praktiline info Taoistliku Tantra massaažile tulles
If you are coming to a session for the first time, please allow yourself about 3 hours (normal session duration is 2 hours) so that I have enough time to get to know you and explain to you what the session consists of and how it goes. 
Taking a shower is a prerequisite to start the session. Everything you need for this is available in the therapy room.
Peale Taoistliku Tantra massaaži kogemist on sul võimalus süvendada tantristlikke massaažide kogemust läbi Kashmiri Tantra massaaši  and Inner Alchemy Tantra massaaži.
I have been initiated into Tao Tantra massage through the Tantra Essence Team together with MA Ananda Sarita, Modestas Stonkus and Dharmaraj under guidance (https://balimassagetraining.com).